Sunday, May 11, 2014


Come and ride along with my 11 year old son, Preston, and me as we go out for some integrative-training.   On this trip, we are riding two and a four year-old mules who are full sisters.  Catalonian Mulestangs--both born on my brother's place to a Catalonian Jack, and a born-in-the-wild mustang mare from the Sulpher herd in SouthWest Utah.  Enjoy some POV riding among the rapidly-developing neighborhoods in our back-yard, and the bluffs around them, GoPro style.

Lulabelle, ridden by my son is the third hand-raised mule that he has started by himself.  The first was  Senator who was born at our place.  Preston rode Senator by himself for the first 2 and a half years, starting when he was six years old.  At that point, I had to intervene and help Senator unlearn some bad habits, but the experience got Preston ready to do it right the next time.  Currently, we have two 2-year-olds that he started this spring.

I cannot thank Ty Evans at TSMules enough for the gentle guidance he has offered along the way that helped solidify the things Preston had learned by experience.  If you need a good mule or a good trainer, they just DO NOT come any better!

And me?  I'm the lucky father who gets to share all of this with my mule-skinner boy!

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