Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Optometry Intern

Over the past four or five years, a couple of Optometric interns from the Optometry school in Southern California have rotated through my office. It isn't something we get to do on a regular basis...I guess our clinic is sort of a last chance rehab for the toughest cases (just messing with you Damon).

So Damon Mortenson comes along about 2 months ago. It is his final rotation. The school doesn't warn their interns that I'm a salty young cowboy who doesn't know a thing about golf. You know, in my chosen profession, golf is high art, and mule skinners are critically endangered. I doubt there is another skinner that writes, O.D. after his name. Damon soon learned that it wasn't a test in high society that he needed to pass for my final signature, but a ride up the Haslem trail with me. The Haslem trail puts hair on one's chest (unless you are one of my daughters), and stimulates a dizzying array of emotions based on height--but rewards the effort with the grandest spectacle on earth.

Congratulations to you, young graduate. I have enjoyed your stay with us immensely. I rode your ass for a while, and then you got to ride mine up the Haslem trail. You'll find your ride through the red ledges and cliffs not too different from starting a practice and serving your patients. No one is better prepared for that than you... be bold and break your own trail.
(I'm really gonna miss that kid!)

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