Sunday, August 8, 2010

Preston's Mule, by Gary

This is a short poem that I made up one day on a trail ride with the Gooch family in Forsyth Canyon, Pine Valley, Utah. It started out as me teasing Preston about having a girl friend and him fervently denying it. With the help of his sister Sunnie, we really got him worked into a lather over the deal. I changed the subject after watching Preston do acrobatic moves and maneuvers on his little mule "Doc" and this is what I ended up with.

August 7, 2010

There is a boy named Preston who has a little mule,

He got him from his Dad, you know, and he's really kinda cool.

Preston decided to play a trick one day and rode him into school,

The teacher , she got hoppin mad and quickly recited him the rule.

"You should know better than to come in here on that little mule!"

It didn't bother the little skinner much cause all the girls thought him cool. (especially Austin)

The teacher grabbed him by the ear and said "listen here sonny!"

"When we get to the principles office, you won't think this is so funny!"

The principle just sat there with a smile 'tween his lips,

as the teacher retold the deed with her hands upon her hips.

The old educator laughed, slapped his leg and declared, "I'll be darn,

I think this here boy was raised in a barn!"

The story told and judgment passed with an evil grin,

Preston stood there a quiverin and took it on the chin.

Thirty days servin chow in the luch line was the punishment for his crime,

but it didn't bother him that much cause he and Doc had a real good time.

When you spend much time in the saddle up by the timberline,

a ridin' through the aspen or in the mighty pine...

The more time a man can spend up there he really starts to see,

that he is in God's creation and that is obvious as can be.

And if per chance, when yer out a ridin on your own favorite mount,

you come across a little skinner named Preston, your blessing you will count.

--Gary L. Christensen (Good friend, compassionate bishop, and Escalante Cowboy, living farther from the night sky than any small town kid should have to)