Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter: Wellspring of Life

In remembrance of the Master of souls... He, who authored our Liberty, and then paid an infinite price for it. To know that He would have paid that unfathomable price, even if I were the only person in this big wide universe that needed it, causes my knees to bow and my heart to soar...

For His ability and desire to heal every wound that mortality can inflict--wounds both physical and spiritual--causes me to pause in awe...

And that He did it, and does it, for one as wretched as I--one who is not worthy to "lick His boots"--causes me to look forward to the day I that can wet the nail prints in His feet with my tears.

To Him who is called The Christ, I offer heartfelt thanks for my crack at life on this magnificent Earth--with all of its hazards and all of its rewards, all of its sorrows and all of its joys.

He is Risen. And He Lives.

--Flying I Ranch

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring has Sprung in Gila Monster Alley

It is a rare treat to stumble into one of these reclusive creatures.  This desert is chock full of things poisonous and prickly.