Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sister Suzy Wore Spurs

Nature got her revenge on man when she created a woman's wiles. And if that wasn't enough, the woman ramped it up with all kinds of un-mentionables. The other day, I saw that they got this company out now called Victoria's HUSH HUSH?... anyhow, just thinkin about how much better lookin you are on a mule. And spurs? Whoa up there, pard. You better be careful with the pictures from today's ride, Sister Suzy. When your hubby Doran sees you in spurs on a Mule, you might not outrun him.

Sister Suzy says she was glad she was riding my good Molly today. We lost the trail on our way back down from the Snow Canyon overlook, and had to come down off the top through some ledgy, washed out canyon. She said I took her daughters and her the hard way on purpose, which just is not true. I will admit I let her believe that no human had ever taken a horse down this particular canyon before, but only because I wanted her to feel like she accomplished something really spectacular after it was over, kinda like after a bungee jump when you proudly throw out your chest and strut around exclaiming, "Hooooaahh!" I don't know why she was all worried. It was just another day in the desert for the mules.

After the ride, we sauntered into Marv's Diner for a burger, spurs a-jingling across the tiled floor. All eyes glanced our way. Cowboy boots just seem strange in our newly cosmopolitanized town, and the diner full of bike helmets and spandex made us stand out. As we bellied up to the bar to make our order, some lady boldly left her seat and approached Sister Suzy and me. "Why do you wear spurs?" she questioned us--the tone of her voice implying that we were somehow being cruel to our mounts. Are you kiddin me lady? Its all about sex appeal. You ever seen a dude on a horse wearing a sweat band, jogging pants and tennis shoes? I can't speak for Sister Suzy, but riding a mule and wearing spurs is good for my love life...


Perfect Moments Photography said...

Great blog Paul! The pictures you got are great. Wish I coulda been there ridin with you and I am sure Gabe would have loved it too. I hate being so far away and missing out on family fun!

Cooper Urmston said...

like Dr. Gooch would actually lose the trail leslie

Pineapple Princess said...

Love the alliterate title.

Am thinking twice about your offer to take me and the kids for a "ride".

Nicole said...

Hi DrGooch!

I'm doing a project for my equine science/management class at school and I decided to do it on mule prejudice and how it's unfounded and dumb... except using better, more convincing words than that =).

Anyway, I was wondering if I might be able to snag a few of your pictures for my power point because:
1. They are amazing
2. I think they would do a wonderful job in helping me prove my point, especially the ones of the mule colt jumping on and off the trailer, I love those!

If you allowed me to use them I would link them back to you and give credit to the photographer as well.

Also, if you would like, maybe you could leave comment I could use on a slide, like maybe a story of an amazing mule that you had/have or a training obstacle that you overcame with a mule, your take on how a mule thinks vs. a horse, etc. Or maybe you could list some mule training tips or hints?

The point of this project is to spread the word about mules and "obliterate mule prejudice" and I thought maybe you could help =)

Sorry, I tried to find an email address to get a hold of you so I wouldn't have to leave a comment, but I'm pretty blind sometimes so here I am. And of course you can certainly say no.

DrGooch said...

Is "Alliterate" a compliment?

HaHa... I had to look it up. I must be illiterate. Thanks sis, for the cool word.

Nicole said...

Thank you! I will let you know how it's coming along when I get a little farther along.

Amanda said...

I am pleased to announce that I have found a lovely jack for my Annie. He is 15 hands and gaited and also the state champion. I would love to send you some photos of him but need your mailing address. He is a performance mule and does barrels and reining. So much more to tell you but I was so excited I forgot the details. he is only a few miles from my house. She charges 750 stud fee but it is done AI and that is why it is a bit higher than the norm. The price also includes an ultrasound for the mare to determine pregnancy and there is a live foal guarantee. And he single foots!! I can hardly wait to show you the photos.