Monday, August 10, 2009

The One Eyed Mule Skinner of Dime Lake

Among the religious traditions of the world, the concept of Heaven has universal appeal. While many argue over the details, a common thread in each faith describes Heaven as a place of transcendent beauty. Within the framework of my own religious education, Heaven is an exalted place with eternal splendor and brilliance that neither mortal eyes nor mortal intellect could ever withstand. It is the place we aspire to be when we leave this sphere.

The High Uinta Wilderness isn't far behind. Every time I behold her other-worldly magnificence, I ask myself, "How could God possibly improve upon this place?" Our nearly-annual trip there is a pilgrimage worth the effort. The Uintas refresh the urban-burdened soul with terrestrial air, and celestial beauty. I always leave thankful that God created pockets of Heaven on Earth for our nourishment.

Brother Mike, Dr. David Jones, and I took some of our kids, mules and horses packing in to the Fox Lake basin over the 24th of July. For five days, we fished, explored, cooked, and enjoyed the company of our kids around the warmth of the evening campfire. No one wanted it to end.

Brother Mike was still recovering from an eye surgery that left him sore and red. "Are you sure you are up to this trip?" we asked. Are you kidding? I'm not missing this for anything!

*Photos and artistic eye courtesy of Dr. David Jones, evil eye courtesy of Brother Mike.

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Iditadad said...

Aww - come on Preston - you can be like the pioneers - go forth with faith - one step at a time. Grandma sure does love you. Grandma WoW