Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mule Trainer Hero: Retired Ranger Edition

Here is another installment in the Mule Trainer Hero series that I am doing with my son as he rides the two 2-year-olds that we started this year.

I enjoyed the wisdom and stories that my friend, retired Forest Ranger Fredric Ybright, shared with us as we rode together through some of the recovering burn area on Pine Valley Mountain 2 weeks ago.  He is seeing the mountain for the first time since retiring 8 years ago.  Here is a little GoPro, saddle-eye-view footage for you Fred, and for those who want to see the mountain from a mule. This is a relaxing trip through lush grass, new quaky stands, and the remnants of once giant trees on a unique part of this giant Lacolith.
The music is a song recorded by my daughter Kailee.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mule Trainer Hero: Packer Edition

Leon Gubler and I got to move a little freight last week for a youth group that had a conference up on Pine Valley Mountain. This is another GoPro style saddle-eye-view of the trail for those who grew up dreaming of driving trains.

The main song in the middle is a song written and performed by my daughters called "No Name."

This mule project that we started back in 2006 has paid great dividends for my family.  Watching my 11 year old son lead a 4-up string through a patch of rugged wilderness is a button-popper for a father--and the close relationship we have formed in the pursuit of long-ears, priceless.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mule Trainer Hero: Water Edition

A place I have written about on a few occasions, Hop Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Southern Utah.  Most of it is private property adjoining Zion National Park.  The landowner and the park have some sort of an understanding that hikers can hike the valley, and the park will give some small degree of latitude for the rancher's occasional stray cow that crosses the line.

For our mules sake, the water exposure in Hop Valley is as good as it gets.  Having a little fun with the GoPro Hero camera makes it possible for you to come along and enjoy the saddle-eye view of this magnificent place: