Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Its a JOHN

The photos show him at 5 minutes Old. He was born about 7:55 am this morning to Can't Splash, Sunnie's Dash for Cash mare. He was on his feet immediately.

He seems a lot more calm than Calamity--last year's Skipper W Molly.

Here he is dried off at 4 hours old.

His name: Rusty's Splashing Doc
(Update…we were so disappointed in his small stature, we changed his name to "Senator.")


Tamster said...

Yea!!! Finally! I'm so excited to see those pics and know he made it safe and sound! Congratulations, Mulepa (or was it Gramule?)!!! He is soooooo cute! It's amazing how quickly they can do these like stand or walk. It's so natural to them, yet we (humans) have to take each little step so slowly to get to that point. Very fun and exciting! Congrats again, and thanks for sharing your joy with us! :-)

Hey, you didn't tell us his weight and length! ;-)

Tamster said...

Hehehehhee!!! I was first! :-)

Tamster said...

And second and third!!! :-)

sharebear said...

Whew! I'm so glad I'm not a mule. Can't imagine going that long overdue. I was ornery enough when Sam was 3 days overdue.
What a relief to have that cute baby here.

Paul said...

The interesting thing is, the vet kept ASSuring me that the baby quits growing when fully cooked, even if the mare doesn't deliver for some time after.

Pineapple Princess said...

You didn't miss it after all! Wasn't that perfect?

Looks like mama knows just what to do. Congrats.

If it is a girl, then what is it called?

We wouldn't mind a little video footage of the cute thing.

BonBon said...

Videos! Videos! Oh!!! I want to hold it! Hey I have some new puppies. Want to trade?