Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Southern Missouri Mule

Occasionally, we run into a business that treats us so well that we can't keep it to ourselves.  In this case, I am offering an unsolicited shout-out for an online retailer who provided a level of service that one rarely sees these days.   Kenneth Levine at Southern Missouri Mule Outfitter and Equine Supply helped me get 6 mules ready for a big parade on fairly short notice.  I discovered these Rough Rider head stalls on his website and thought it would be cool to have a matched set of black ones fitted to each mule.  Previously, I had just been using a hodgepodge of bridles that I constantly had to re-fit and cannibalize depending on which mules we were using at the time.

I placed the order complete with matching tassels.  Kenneth called me right away to tell me that he only had one black bridle in stock and that it would be a few weeks before he could get any more--wondering if I wanted another color which he did have.

When I explained that they were for a parade and that the date he expected to have them was after my parade, he said, "Let me call my Amish supplier and see what I can do."

Within a few days, I had everything I needed in my hands.  Kenneth was very responsive to email and kept me informed every step of the way so I could react in time in case it couldn't be done.

I am very impressed with the Amish craftsmanship evident in these bridles.  I am equally impressed with Kenneth's service at

The brass name tags came from NapTags

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Wonky Girl said...

Wow, the bridles are beautiful, so are your mules. I want one of these in black for my Belgian draft mule. :-) So glad you posted with links.