Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lake to Fork: Turf n Surf, Vitamin B, and Kodiak Berry Cake

There are a lot of ways to eat in the wilderness.  If you are skilled enough, you can hunt-gather your meals.  Most find it easiest to carry freeze dried food on their backs.  But when you travel the back country on mules, the sky is the limit, and this trip had a 23rd anniversary built into the middle of it, so we ate very little freeze dried vittles in the Uintas this year.  The morning of our anniversary looked like the lead photo.

The Kodiak Berrycake seen above is a simple favorite when we take the dutch oven anywhere:

  • 1 Box Kodiak Pancake mix (no other wimpy pancake mix measures up in the opinion of everyone who tastes this rich product.  This is an unsolicited, unpaid endorsement.)
  • Just enough water.  Don't mix it too thin or over beat the batter for best leavening.
  • Fresh berries laid right on top of the rising mix (blue berries, raspberries, black berries, etc)
  • Bake until finished.  
  • Slather it in real butter and stingily drizzle real maple syrup over it to bring out the hearty flavors of the berries and cake.

Vitamin B

Harvest the Surf

What you find at 11,000 feet in the icy lakes of the mighty Uintas

Lake to Fork in about 20 minutes.

Sweet Vidalia Onions with taters over a bed of hamburger

Wood fired rib steaks on day five.  They left 107 miserable St George degrees under a thin block of dry ice in a coleman cooler, and stayed frozen until we could wait no longer to eat them.

Kodiak Cakes made my 23 year bride blush ;)

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