Thursday, July 5, 2012

Donkey Wars on Facebook

Ass jokes.  It never ends.  Brother Mike lives on the acre adjacent to ours.  His jack Donkey Otey is an escape artist, and about once in every while, he gets out.  Studs being what they are, they will fight to the death if they could.  Usually they fight all night long, and we wake up to two exhausted jacks who still want to kill each other.  Rusty normally gets the worst of it.

Facebook got a whiff of the battle today.  Thought I'd share.  That'd be the missus trying to referee the Donkey wars on Facebook.  Keeping it family friendly one ass joke at a time.

Battle hardened warrior 
Blood, sweat, and flung-dung are a sure sign of a heated battle

Donkey Otey, separated from Rusty and still full of piss and vinegar!

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