Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Frosted Mule Tarts

My sister who lives in Mesa, Arizona has gone pro with her fancy camera. Her family drove up to visit us for my birthday and she got so excited by the morning frost, that she shot off some megs of Compact Flash out in the corrals. I guess they don't see much frost, or mule biscuits down in them parts...

I'm a little worried that photographin' mules might taint her a bit. Everyone's better lookin' on a mule! Look how much it helped me. She might need to get her own half-assed horse (or is it half -horsed ass?) to improve the looks of some of her uglier clients.

She's one of them artistic geniouses. These are probably the only freebies you'll get outa' her, so click and save while the gettin's good.

Its called Head First Photo. If you're down her way, or she's up yours, call her. (Now don't forget that commission check when you get famous sis.)

That's all Folks!


Nicole said...

Hi there! Yeah, I just created my blog yesterday so I don't really think anyone knows about it yet. I did it for me though so I guess that's ok. I'm glad you commented again!

I made the mistake in my blog of calling the mule a him at first so I went to the site to make sure I was right and found out that he was a she =)

I saw that you posted a comment about a saddle that you bought on there. Thought that was kinda cool but it made me think that the mule world is pretty small after all, or maybe just that all the good mule people know how to find each other! I've been on his site before and looked over some of his training stuff and liked what I saw.

The mule world is one I'd really love to get into. I'm considering breeding my mare to a jack, just have to find one I like yet. I'm not really financially ready to take on another animal quite yet but one of these days...

Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely check out the counter and make one for myself.

I'm loving the frosty mule pictures. I did save a couple of them to my pictures on my computer because I liked them so much =)



I LOVE that you labeled it "Frosted Mule Tarts"! She truly is a magnificent photographer. I wish she lived closer so she could work her magic on my family and I. I know she'd be able to make all of us hillbillies look like royalty. She really has a knack. Your mules are gorgeous. I love all your posts about the fun adventures you and your cute family get to partake of. They are lucky! I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Wenderful in Colorado said...

Cool photos. Still getting frost? Whats up with that? Or is it normal. And I didn't know PiP was coming up that way. I am missing out. I hope she did some photos shoots of your beautiful fam.

Wenderful in Colorado said...

AND lest anyone forgets, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your day is great. It's no fair that the whole world celebrates your birthday.

Love ya