Monday, January 28, 2008

Ain't she PERTY? This message brought to you by Rusty, maker of fine mules.

I received a couple of pictures from Karen Miller at Sugarcreek Ranch today where they made Rusty. This is his half sister "Perty" from the same sire. She won grand champion jennet at Shelbyville, Tennessee a couple of years ago.

Look at her!! Now isn't that the nicest piece of ...Donkey (cough) you've ever seen? Wow! I'm telling you folks. Its hard to find better blood than this for your mules!!! Bring on those mares when they get horsey this spring and lets make some baby mules! Stud fees are $500 and a bargain at twice the price. Guaranteed live foal. Live cover only.

This is Rusty at age 3. He has grown stronger this past year and is more filled out than these pictures show. He turns 4 in April of 2008. His soft disposition combined with champion-quality conformation contribute the right qualities from the Jack side to the making of unbeatable mules.


WoW said...

We need a mule just like Perty in our back yard in Mona. WoW

BonBon said...

Will you take pick of the litter? I've got 5 that all should qualify!

I like Perty! Is that a real mark on her neck and shoulders or a man made one?

Paul said...

Thats the infamous Donkey Cross--its au naturale. In the equine world they call it Dunn Factor. The sire, (father to her and Rusty) has similar dunn stripes on his shoulders. I'll have pics of him soon. They just came in the email. I want to bone up on some genetics before I write that article.

Paul said... the way MoM...oops, upside down...That can be arranged. The BLM has some incredible wild burros, or you can go for the big genetics.

Pineapple Princess said...

I have a great name for a Donkey, unless it has already been taken--Donkeyshane. Let me know if you don't get it.

My kids noticed the donkey cross. It is quite stunning.

Tamster said...

I think Perty is pertier than Rusty is rusty! :-)

Anonymous said...

She looks just like your kids.

Wendy in AK

BonBon said...

Wendeth don't you hate it when you make a comment like that and then no one comments after you? It seems to get quiet and it seems as if everyone feels that you have over stepped you bounds. No one responds to help you validate that you were just being funny and that you didn't really mean what you said. I hear ya!

Well I am here to comment after you.

Paul, is that a parade you are in? Is that a permanent sign on your truck? Cool!

Paul said...

Sorry. Been away from my computer all day.

For Wendy: "you know you're best friends when you can sit in silence and be comfortable." Ukn Author.

For Bonnie: Yep, NOPE. :) I was the only Ass in the parade this year--or the only one brave enough to admit it.

sharbear said...

Bonnie, I know how you feel, too. I'll be here for you, too, and Wendy and Paul. I'll take the pick of the litter, or how about all 5.