Sunday, January 19, 2014

Slo-Mo Mule

With agility unmatched in the world of equines, it is revealing to watch a mule jump in slow motion.

Video and photos compliments of our little outing last weekend…the last for a while for my daughter who leaves for South Korea in a few weeks.  She often complained that all we had out here was "red rocks and cactus."  I used to tell her that she better be careful not to jinx herself--she might end up living in a drab part of the world someday.  I think she is going to miss this...

Soaking up the last of the red rocks for a while.  South Korea won't be so ledgy.

One of the coming two year-olds.  This is a FAV.


Merrill Willis said...

Just found your blog... it was great to read. Being from Henrieville I always enjoy reading about the area and I love mules. My grandfather had them and spent a lot of time on fifty mile mountain as a gov. trapper. In fact he killed the last wolf in the area in 1928. That's what brought me to your site. I am doing research for a painting of the wolf/taking. So I am hoping to do an excursion on 50 mile this spring. I did the hole in the rock road trip a couple of years ago. Once again I enjoyed your blog it reminded me of some of the stories my grandfather told.

regards, S. Merrill Willis

Paul Gooch said...

Thanks Merril!