Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Independence Day

 America. Why I love her. 

 ...have you seen the Milky Way reflected in a Wyoming, Windriver lake? Or shimmied through a slot canyon in the mighty Escalante? 

 ...have you smelled fresh-cut alfalfa or the sweet scent of Russian Olive hanging in the cool morning air in one of Utah's small towns? Or breathed the damp Magnolia perfume on a steamy Southern night?  

...have you heard the bugle of an elk reverberate among the jagged peaks of the Wasatch Mountain range? Or heard the Missouri thunder crashing through ominous green clouds? 

...have you tasted fire-cooked trout that minutes earlier was swimming in an ice-cold Uintah lake? Or savored the succulent flesh of a Maine Lobster pulled from a roadside lobster-pot? 

 ...have you watched the sunset make the Kolob Fingers blush a shade of crimson that'll bring a lump to your throat? Or gazed upon the morning shadow that Mt Nebo's triune peaks casts over the quaint village of Mona?

"You ask me why?  I have a million reasons..."

 America! God shed his Grace on Thee! May tyrants, dictators, and pencil-necked bureaucrats alike tremble in fear of the boisterous ocean of Liberty that rings from sea to shining sea!

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