Saturday, February 2, 2013

Video Blog of the Haslem Trail.

I've written and photographed the beauty of the Haslem Trail several times for my blog.  These honey-combed crimson cliffs lie East of St George Utah, and offer some of the reddest, most eye-popping, high angle scenery to be found anywhere.

The older posts can be found here:

The headliner video is a bit funny and shows why sometimes, it is just better to stay on than get off.  The rest of the clips show mules at their very best.  In the clip where we jump up into the narrow chute that takes us out into the open on top, you can see a bit of the difference between how the mule and the horse approach technical stuff.  Our mustang Kate, surefooted as she is, doesn't handle this task as well as the mules.

Enjoy some high angle thrills from the safety of home!

...and this, Dave's mule loves to get in the horse trailer.  Dave say's it didn't require any training to get his mule to head for the trailer and climb right in from a distance.

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