Saturday, March 5, 2011

So, will they have Bacon in Heaven?

Pretty much, the question we all ask at sometime or another, they have Bacon in Heaven?  Perhaps, knowing the answer will help those souls who still haven't made up their minds to try for yon Glory.  So...we saddled the mules this weekend and headed up the hill, determined to find out once and for all, the answer to that  most important question.  And here are the pictures--they tell the story.  No photoshop here, just vivid proof that there IS pork in paradise.   Hmmnnn...come to think of it, we didn't see a bunch of virgins waiting for Achmed the Dead Terrorist either.

Thanks Natalie for smelling up facebook with your bacon bouquet.  This morning makes two days in a row!

Bacon!  Essential Nutrient, and the only way to fry eggs.

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