Sunday, January 30, 2011

She Rode a Stately Jack

I think a couple of my nieces will just never be satisfied to see the world through a pair of short ears again after the spectacular day we spent yesterday on the Red Mountain trail above Snow Canyon. Brother Mike and I took Sister Susie and her whole family to the scenic Kayenta overlook.

Sister Susie was nearly overcome with anxiety at the prospect of us putting her kids on mules and going somewhere a little fun. And she was a bit worried about her own fun as well. Mike and I have been grown up for so long, we had forgotten how much fun it is to torment a younger sister...

The video was shot in HD. Click "Watch on Youtube" and see it full screen for better quality--not sure why it is so grainy on the blog. A few of the photos are from the Christmas Eve ride to the Goblin pots and were added to complete the picture.

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