Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rusty has a new sister

Out at SugarCreek Ranch in South West Missouri, Dennis and Karen Miller just sent me pics of their new addition--Rusty's half sister Kali (same Dam, different Sire). After all the reports of the tornados that tore up their part of the county yesterday--its nice to see sunshine in a picture from Missouri dated 5/12/2008. Karen reports that some of what hit Missouri yesterday came within 20 miles of them--and more are expected today. Hope they stay safe!


Wendear in Alaska said...

Does that make me related some how? I am not sure if I want to claim I am related to an a*s.

By the way, D loves his sunglasses. I think I have converted him to NICE sunglasses finaly. Thanks.

Tamster said...

So cute!!! I just want to pet her!

I hope they stay safe too! I'm nervous about the whole tornado thing!

Crazy stuff! :-)