Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ITS A GIRL!! what the...?

Well, isn't that just like life? We had a baby alright. Today around noon, one of the spring babies we were expecting came into the world. Trouble is, we didn't think this one was coming for another month.

...and she is CUTE! White, with red points and brindle pattern on her sides. Wanna see a picture?

We had to sneak her under the fence to get these pictures. Momma is a wild longhorn with a nasty temper that just got worse with this new baby. LOOK AT THE CLOWN STABBERS ON HER! I can't wait until she is hamburger in the freezer and a nice rack over the hearth...or wait, maybe those horns would look better on the hood of Tyler's car--maybe it'll make him popular with the ladies.

Still waiting for the baby mule...


Tamster said...

Ahhhh, she's so cute!!! How could you look at that sweet baby and think of her as hamburger in your freezer?! ;-)

BonBon said...

She has got beautiful markings! How fun. Kailee looks like she is thoroughly enjoying her. Did anyone get/have to help with the delivery?

Paul said...

Momma is going in the freezer. That baby is a fine looking specimen. Not sure what we are doing with her.

I guess the momma just popped her right out. Anyone silly enough to get in the corral with her would get shishkebobbed. We are hoping the baby will nurse on her own. We can't even get in to help without some serious trouble.

Wendy in Alaska said...

I didn't know you had a shishkebobber!

Whats her history and where is she in the genealogy line?

What other pets do you have that I haven't seen yet....since I haven't been the SG for a long time?

Wendy in Alaska said...

me again